Effective after January 23, 2016, A new plumbing code enforces any new backflow installed must be tested yearly.  It is enforced by your local municipality.  Your backflow preventor will need to be inspected yearly by a Certified and Licensed backflow prevention tester.  Make sure that whoever you have test your backflow or RPZ has their license.  They will give you a copy of the Inspection report and will file the report with the City for you.  

The homeowner is ultimately the one responsible so make sure that the company you hire is certified and Licensed to do the Inspection.  

We have 4 Certified and Licensed Technicians on our staff that will do the test for you. You will need to call the office and schedule this test separately and you will be charged a flat rate.  Fortunately for our customers, you will not need to be home as most of the backflow preventors are outside.

Below is a list of the city's codes.  We will do our best to keep this updated as we receive new information for each municipality.

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